UsbBlackCat 1.1

UsbBlackCat is a data protection tool for USB mass devices
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Spax Systems

UsbBlackCat is a data protection tool for USB mass devices. Unlike hardware encryption troubles, UsbBlackCat provides simple and powerful security to your files. All files will be copied to USB devices with a high speed data transfer touching near 10 MB/Sec, these files will be encrypted using AES 256 bit strong symmetric algorithm which will provide simple and powerful experience.

UsbBlackCat will support range of USB mass devices. Files can be restored back to its original form without losing the information once user unlocks it’s with password. You no longer need to compress it to archive and put a password because your files scrabbled with strong encryption.

UsbBlackCat supplies a small tool called ‘DecryptLittle’ to decrypt the files. This tool will be copied to USB devices once file transfer being initiated. This tool is free and it doesn’t need any installation. DecryptLittle will run automatically once user plugs-in the mass device.

Advanced user settings helps end user to select best copying speed based on their hardware configuration. This will maximize file transfer speed. Faster but secure.

Unlike traditional methods of ejecting USB devices via Taskbar area, UsbBlackCat provides ‘One click’ eject of USB device(s) attached. The will provide more convenient way of handling USB devices.

Advances Explorer UI will provide much simpler way of handling files by providing option for copying files from multiple locations at a time. This will provide user to copy files in the ‘Many –to- One ‘model. All files/directory will copy along with its structure.

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